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The Book of Abraham

This bit of information was my final straw with learning the history of the LDS church. When I learned that Joseph had fake translated what the LDS church uses as the book “The Pearl of Great Price” aka the Book of Abraham… I was livid. Scared. I felt completely alone! But as I let the information sink in that Joseph Smith was actually a liar, I felt like my world opened up. I didn’t have that trapped feeling anymore… The more I’ve learned the more I’m thankful every day for the steps I took to research and not be afraid. If the church was really true, why would they be so afraid of people researching their history and doctrines?


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The Doctrine

Hi everyone,

I’ve had a few people ask me since I posted that I’ve left the church what it was that made me leave. So I’m going to attach a document I found recently from a fellow searcher of faith with the same questions and information I found… I found my own answers from the LDS Church’s own books and their website. I did not search anti-mormon websites for the answers. But this document is a perfect layout of all the answers most of us are now finding.

Please read this and there are locations provided for you to cross reference for your own validation.

A Letter to a CES Direct

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