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“Ordain Women” Movement

My thoughts on the “Ordain Women” Movement with the LDS church…

Honestly, I believe the priesthood is no longer needed per the bible. The Mormon’s view of the priesthood is completely false doctrine. During the time of Moses, the priesthood was a job given to their blood line. They were in charge of the sacrificial offerings given by the people to God. They took care of the tabernacle too. TheĀ priesthood is a job, not a magical mystical power. When Christ died on the cross the need for that job given only to that bloodline/family was no longer needed. The greatest sacrifice (Christ’s death) was given. The sins of the world were paid for in his blood! The proof even was in the ripping of the curtain in the temple to the Holy of the Holies room where the 1 sacrifice a year was done. There was no need for sacrifices anymore. The mechezidek (spelling?) priesthood was ONLY HELD BY CHRIST. It was not something anyone else held. It’s in the bible. Look it up… So in regards to the “Ordain Women” movement, I support them that they are wanting equality, but on the bases that its a needed priesthood men and women should have, I find it unnecessary and full of blasphemy. I wish they would research the bible. The LDS church is full of skewed doctrine! It is a false religion.

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